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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When things seem hopeless, and you have nowhere to turn
Look to our Lord, say a prayer and you will learn
That with Him at your side, when you grieve
That prayers and belief, miracles can happen to those who believe

Never doubt the power of prayer
With it you will find that our Lord does care
Sadness and hopelessness are with us every day
Sometimes we feel we almost lose our way

But you can find yourself, it's not hard to do
Look up to our Lord, you will find him waiting for you
Prayers of Hope, Faith, and a deep trust in your soul
With our Lord at your side, you will surely reach your goal

There will be days when you just sit and cry
Asking our Lord and wondering why
But never give up the power of Prayer
That's when you know our Lord will be there

Miracles do happen to those who believe!!


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