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Friday, September 2, 2011


Don't bother too much about the perfume your friends wear. Fragrances can come out completely different on different people. So that's why it's important to pick a perfume that matches your personality! A great tip if you're at a store, looking to buy perfume is to spray it on your wrist (from a long distance) and then wander around the store for a bit. That will allow you to get how the fragrance comes out on your skin. The perfume always smells different after having been in contact with your body for a couple of minutes.
Below I'm presenting four different categories of perfume and the personality that applies to each one.
 Flowery perfume

This is the kind of perfume that has a scent of roses, jasmin or other popular flowers used in perfumes.
Personality: You are the expressful, romantic type. People who know you would describe you as passionate and warm. You are the typical female, getting attention for your charisma wherever you go.

Classic perfume

Classic scents contain lily, vanilla or sandalwood.
Personality: You're the balanced character, outgoing and elegant with great self-confidence. You timeless style never goes out of season. You are very feminine and give a composed impression.

Spicy, oriental perfume

The spicy type of perfume contains clove, cardamom or musk.
Personality: You're a sexy, intriguing personality, very outgoing and independent. You have your own style, often provocing and will attract attention at any party. Sometimes you even give a mysterious impression.

Fruity perfume

This perfume type has a scent of citrus.
Personality: You are an animated person with a fresh style, very energetic. You are very active, perhaps sporty and want a fragrance that you can use every day.  


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