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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Many women are poor communicators and consequently have subpar relationships.this may be confusing and somewhat socially contradictory because women have been deemed ''Great communicators'' ,''Expressive'', ''Chatterboxes'',''in tune and outspoken''.For now take a note of these 10 Things You Can Say TODAY To Put A Smile On Your Man's Face(....or in his heart).

 I LOVE YOU.....Aman wants to feel his womwn's love is deliberate and Intentional.Please press pouse on your day and tell your special someone,'' I love You''

 IT'S O.K. IF...This is all about the psychological relief your man feels when you grant him guilt free space.

I APPRECIATE U....While you may be through rough times all the damn time one way you can consciously
shift the energy of your relationship and your man's mood is by saying,''I appreciate you''.

I FORGIVE YOU....This submit the healing power of trust and love.This shows compassion for your man when you say ''I Forgive You''.

YES....Give him more of what he wants,even if more of what he wants is outside of your confort zone.Ladies it will mean a lot to him...SAY YES.

YOU ARE RIGHT....The next time you and your man are having a discussion please remember to say,''you are right''.You play a significant part in enhansing your man's esteem.Do your part and say ''You are right''

 I'M SORRY....Yes you may feel like your man's actions were more egregious but somewhere and somehow in your relationship you've messed up.Be intentional about saying ''I'm sorry''.It will let him know you're not solely commited to ''being right'' or being  ''holier than thou''.

I NEED YOU....This is what your man wants to hear.

YOU MAKE ME FEEL SAFE....When you let your man know that he makes you feel safe,he instantaneously feels inspired to do more and do better.Let him know you feel secure when you're in his arms.Let him know you feel protected.Let him know he makes you feel safe.

I GOT YOUR BACK....Stand in your man's corner and cheer him on.Stand in your man's corner and challenge him.Stand in your man's corner and support him.Stand in your man's corner and comfort him.Stand in your man's corner and salute.Your man NEEDS to hear you say...''I got your back''.

I'm always using those 10 things to my man......what about you??? if u didn't know....OK but now you know start using them now.

Enjoy a healthiest and happiest relationship with your man.

Credits to: Women Magazine

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  1. ooh. god reminder..
    I red this in woman magazine this morning.
    good work Joy


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