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Monday, October 3, 2011


He and his wife were riding down the road, when she said, "Where are you going?" He said, "It's a surprise." He had planned a surprise trip without telling her. He took care of all the arrangements, including packing her favorite clothes and shoes, as well as all of her cosmetics. It was a trip that she had dreamed about for years. She had no idea it would be that night. She was indeed surprised.

He surprised her in many more ways. He would take her to eat at special places. He often gave her flowers, when there was no special occasion. Then, there were chocolates, gifts and cards, all at an unexpected time. She loved him dearly, but she also knew he loved her with all of his heart. It was not just the many times that he told her. It was all the surprises that reminded her.

A relationship can easily get in a boring routine. His surprises would not allow that to happen. Even though they had been married for several years, he continued to court her as during the dating years before marriage.

A relationship must be cultivated. When a man is dating a woman before marriage, he tries to impress her, to win her heart. After the wedding and honeymoon, it's too easy to take her for granted. She still wants to know that she's that special person in his life.

Wives need to be reassured of a husband's love. He can never give her too much reassurance. One way to do that is with surprises. It's still about being special to him.

The bond of love between a husband and his wife is strengthened through the good things he does and says.

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