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Friday, February 10, 2012

This Valentine , what are you getting for her?

Women love to have fun that means they love these - Jewelry, flowers , candy and an expensive meal out somewhere nice etc. Do y’all the same old same old gifts?

Mmmh, I don’t think so, you should ask or dream of new things you know , let him get a bit creative this year right?!
Some wanna-be considerate Chicks lie ,,, they say " Oh Valentines Day is no big deal " and then torture the life out of their guy if there is not some overt commercial display of " love ".. oh puleez lol.

So MEN what are you doing for your lady, anything unique?No matter what you think, your wife or girlfriend is most likely expecting some kind of gift, candy, card or flowers for Valentine's Day. Stop complaining about how it is cliché that every holiday you express your love by way of gifts... deal with it and embrace it lol! You'll be glad you did!

Here are some other gift ideas for SHE from contributors:


Girls LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry. I personally am old fashioned, so something like a cutesy heart necklace and a single rose is sooo romantic. If she isn't old fashioned, maybe a necklace with the initial of your first name in rhinestones. If you are really rich, something nice like a silver, gold, or even diamond necklace or bracelet. If you aren't so rich, a teddy bear with chocolates and a rose is adorable. One of my friends gave me a sterling-silver heart necklace, which was sweet. Another GREAT idea, if you are musical, is writing her a love song, or even a poem. That is a girl's romantic dream. I really agree on a rose; put it in her locker and write her a little note telling her you like her. Or buy something sweet but give or take everyone loves jewellery!

If you haven't been dating long - or even if you have - you should give her a kiss.

Since we at namywedding love weddings, we sugest that you PUT A RING ON IT, why not if not?!

You could go the old fashioned way, and get her a large heart full of candy and some beautiful red roses from the flower shop. Don't be embarrassed if you are the only one doing this;

Personally, I came here for advice, and as soon as I saw some of the ideas, i had some more. My favorite by far, though, is the flowers and chocolates. I think that my girlfriend would love that, and that's always a great idea.

Flowers are always good.

I am a girl and if my boyfriend was to get me a Valentine's Day gift I would want a giant teddy bear and it's awesome. And then buy her a locket with a picture of both of you in it, and put the locket around the teddy bear's neck + then get her one single red rose.

Another idea is to get a small box of caramel chocolates and stick it in her locker at school, and write a small love note and tape it to the inside of her locker! She will love you forever if you do that... I know I would love my boyfriend if he did that. And when she finds it, and if if you are with her, then kiss her.

It really depends on how long you have been dating her: if it's for over 2 years, a necklace - but not a cheap one. If you have only been dating for a couple of months, a flower and something personal would be fitting.

It depends on how old you are and how long you have been going out. If it has only been a couple weeks, usually a flower with a cute little message works ermm well maybe not in Nigeria After a month or so, you should get her like a teddy bear or some flowers, and if you have been going out for 2 years I agree that a necklace is a good idea. The price of the necklace should depend on how old you are, e.g., an 20+-year-old male should spend more - if only a little - than a 16-year-old boy!)

If you have been dating for over 1.5 years maybe a piece of inexpensive jewelry or chocolate.

It depends how old you are and how close you two are and how long you've been dating. 1 year: promise ring; 5-6 months: bouquet of roses; 3-1 months: teddy bear (not a used one); 1 week: a flower and a message expressing why you chose her.

I have a girlfriend and I didn't know what to get either but I figured it out: My girlfriend likes penguins and I asked whether she prefers gold or silver. So I'm getting her a silver ring (not marriage or engagement) with a silver penguin holding a red heart. And maybe some chocolates or flowers would help too.

I think whoever wrote the 1-year promise ring answer is sadly mistaken. Honestly? You get the person you "love" a promise ring when YOU FEEL COMMITTED, and not on a specific date.

I think that if you are dating a lady that you should get her some flowers. Never buy just one flower unless it is a rose. And you should get her some chocolate; that is the right thing to do.

The General Gift ideas:

1. Flowers - go classic with red roses or exotic with orchids.

2. Candy - almost every store will be selling some sort of heart-shaped candy box for Valentine's Day.

3. Jewelry - it never disappoints.

4. Mix CD - it's personal and affordable!

5. Handwritten card - tell her how you really feel!

6. Romantic dinner - make it yourself or make reservations.

7. Scrapbook - gather all your photos and make a book of your memories together

8. "Heart attack" - cut our dozens of paper hearts and tape them all over her room, car or locker. If you want to get more creative, write a reason you love her on each heart.

9. Teddy bear - always a classic.

10. Your time - just hang out and tell her how much you love her.

11. Photography - be creative! Make a collage of photos, create a video of digital pics set to music (use her fave song), paint a picture of her, or use Microsoft Paint/Picasa to draw pictures/animals/funny scenes and then cut and paste your faces into the photos (girls love a guy with a sense of humor!

12. Perfumes always stand out for any reason and season

Do let us know what you're getting guys, we'd love to hear from you and Ladies tell us in details ..errm yess what he got for you and hopefully how he proposed.
Happy Valentines day in advance.

Lets keep love first.


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