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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Young Woman Soaring With Wings! Meet Nigerian Commercial Pilot, Imoleayo Adebule – Flying the Skies at 23

At 23, Imoleayo Adebule is one of Nigeria's youngest female pilots. Intelligent, daring, and confident are three words that best describe the tenacity with which she passed through one of the most complex schools in the world – Flying School, to obtain her license as a Commercial Pilot. Imoleayo has excelled in a profession that is not only averse to people of her gender, but quite difficult even to people of the opposite sex.

"I was lucky and it was just fate for me to become a pilot," she said.

Soaring With Wings ''With God, nothing is impossible''.

Imoleayo Adebule (first from bottom left)

" She loves flying and can't think of anything else she would rather do than flying. A key ingredient to succeed, she says, is doing what you are good at. "Know your strengths. I am poor with writing, I wouldn't deal with English but I love Mathematics." Secondly, aiming for the best. "Anything I find myself doing, I put in my best. It is a man's world but we are women and we are doing it. It's not like it is impossible. If you have the determination, there is nothing you can't do."

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Source:Bella Naija

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