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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A wife needs the affirming words of her husband. Gary Smalley used the illustration of a wilted plant receiving a refreshing outpouring of water. The change in the plant soon becomes obvious. So it is with your wife, she needs to be refreshed with your words of affirmation. Words of criticism usually make a bad situation worse. Focusing on the fine qualities in your wife helps her self-esteem. In giving sincere compliments, remember flattery is worthless. It must be a genuine compliment.

Words are powerful. When a man offers his wife sincere compliments, he strengthens his relationship with her. She needs his affirmation. There is a theory that husbands receive their self-esteem from their vocation and wives receive their self-esteem from their husbands. Whether this is true or not, words of affirmation will be appreciated by your wife.

Affirming words should be specific. Tell her how you like her hairstyle, new shoes or dress. Remember, she needs your approval and affirmation. Tell her what specific qualities that you like about her personality. Let her know what you appreciate about her.

Words of affirmation include telling your wife that she is special to you. She is that one special person in your life. Reassure her of your love day after day. Don't allow it to be the same words in a ritual fashion. Make sure that she knows it comes from your heart.

Affirming words should often come unexpectedly. A phone call, note or letter, with words of affirmation should often be a surprise. It's meaningful because it is unexpected. It's her constant needed reminder that she is that significant person in your life.

Many thanks to my hubby because he always do this to me, hope yours do the same to you...right ladys share with us!!. Wishing you all much love in your marriages.Guys make your wife a special n a very important person in your life.


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