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Friday, June 21, 2013


Emmanuel Stanley Ofoha- Motivation speaker on family,marriage and relationship

Here, I discuss a very interesting one – What if all our life is a dream?

We all know how real a dream appears when we are asleep. If a character in our dream tells us that nothing there is real, we are very unlikely to believe it. Imagine if this is true for life too!

If you have ever observed your dreams, you would know that they are very strongly influenced by your own state of mind. The days we are stressed, agitated or afraid, we often see bad dreams. Just before their exams, a lot of unprepared or scared people see themselves failing in their dreams. You might also have had experiences with people who are of a scared temperament, They will come to you every other day and tell you about the frightening dream they saw last night

But, if we have been happy for sometime, and we go to our bed in a happy frame of mind, we see nice, happy dreams. These are dreams that we don’t want to come out of! All this perhaps indicates that we control our dreams, at least to some extent, by the general state of our minds.

Some of you may also have experienced, what is now known as Lucid Dreaming. Sometimes in our dreams, we become partially or fully aware that we are in a dream. This may cause us to wake up or, what I find more exciting, to continue dreaming, with the awareness of it being just a dream. When we thus become lucid in a dream, we find that we can mould the direction of our dream any which way we want. This is a very exciting realization, you can essentially experience anything you want to experience in a dream! If you want to be the CEO of a company, you can do that, if you want to be Jedi master in star wars, you can be that too. If you want a movie star for a girlfriend/boyfriend, they are yours for the taking.

In the Western world, there is considerable study and practice of Lucid dreaming. While it can be used to play out fantasies, it can be used for fighting fears and solving problems too.

Now relating the idea of Lucid dreaming with what we are discussing today, it follows that if this life is a dream and we become aware of this fact, we can mould the direction our life takes! The catch is, just like in the dreams, you absolutely have to believe this is a dream and that you can mould it into any direction you want. When you do this to manifest any of your desires, your faith in the absoluteness of your power has to be complete, your faith that your desire will manifest has to be total. Doubt can have no place in this scheme. If you haven’t realized it already, what I am saying here is exactly what the Law of Attraction says – ‘You can manifest any desire that you have, by simply thinking about it, with faith and repetitively.’ The Law says that you are all powerful, you play God in this dream called Life.

This will put a lot of power in your hand and, as Midas would have told you, power always brings responsibility with it. If you don’t use your power properly, it turns around to do you harm. If Life is a dream, and your thoughts and your mental state guide it’s direction, you better keep your mental state in a good condition. If you believe this is a dangerous world, it becomes a dangerous world. If you think, you are helpless and weak, you become helpless and weak. If you think you have to fight with others to get what you want, you will be forever fighting with others to get what you want.

On the other hand, if you believe what ever you desire, flows freely to you, it will flow to you freely. If you believe this World is a friendly place, if you believe that the Universe adjusts itself so as to bring your desire to fruition, you will find that to be true too

As a young kid, whenever I was sad or disheartened, my Mother would often say – ‘If you think good, good will happen.’ I used to think this is wishful thinking and hated it. Now, I am not so sure.

I also often heard in spiritual conversations and videos that – This world is all an illusion(Maya). Again, I thought this was all foolish and negative thinking. And again, I have come to doubt my previous inferences.

If it appeals to you, go ahead and try this perspective on your own. Try to see life as a dream for some days.

Until next time.

Written by Emmanuel Stanley Ofoha
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