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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to look several years younger

People of all times have wished for a fountain of youth. I say stop wishing and start doing something! There are some secrets that will instantly make you look younger that are free and don't involve any pain whatsoever. No, these tips will make you feel good while following them on top of everything.

How to work with the eyes to look younger
Check out the paragraph about cat eyes vs puppy eyes in the eye make-up tip section. The older you get the more likely your eyes are to grow downwards so try striving for cat eyes to look younger.

Do you suffer from dark circles under the eyes? Try foundation or concealer and use a anti-wrinkle cream for your wrinkles. Getting rid of eye make-up and using a good night cream before you go to bed after having worn a lot of make-up is even more important when you get older.
Gain weight

Thin people can look years younger by simply gaining a few pounds. This is because the skin will become less elastic as we get older and that's why gaining some weight can "fill you out" so to speak. You will probably lose a few wrinkles too.

Get enough sleep

Ever heard of beauty sleep? This term will make more and more sense the older we get. Young people often look the same regardless if they're tired or not but as you get older a few more hours of sleep or even a quick powernap can make wonders for your face!

Hair styles that will make you look younger

The older we get the more oblong our faces will become. Therefore a curly hair style or a hair style with volume can give you a rounder and younger looking face. I would recommend large curls rather than poodle style curls.

Am sure you will work on it coz no one like to look older even them(older) don't like how they look that's why they are doing everything to look and stay younger.
Why not you? Start today!!

With Love,


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