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Friday, August 12, 2011

Self confidence - inner beauty

Improving your self confidence

Attitude, posture and body language play an important role when making an impact. Most men just love independent and confident women and street-smart men tend to attract women. If you’re a man or a woman with great charisma, then good for you! You can stop reading right here. ;)
No matter how confident you really are, if you look a little insecure, people will probably find you less exciting. Luckily there are ways to improve your self confidence!

With a steady look in your eyes, you can’t go wrong. A shifting gaze gives the impression of low self-confidence and people are less likely to listen to the things you say. Sadly, some of us just hate to look straight into the eyes of others. A great trick I learned in yoga class is that you get a much steadier look if you focus on the area between the eyes of the person you’re talking to. Don’t worry, he or she will not notice, because it will look exactly as if you did look them in the eyes. This way you both avoid a shifting gaze and you don’t have to look directly into people’s eyes if you don’t like to.

Good posture is important because it makes you look confident, proud and healthy. It also helps showing your breasts from their best side.

In order to get correct posture, you need to be relaxed in your body and mind. Ever tried yoga? I warmly recommend it.

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