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Friday, October 7, 2011


Hey Mothers to be......Here are some Ideas on Baby Shower Theme ...............
May God Bless you All to have a very Smooth and Safe Delivery.
Information about Baby Shower........
The baby shower has been stated by many sources to be originated in the late eighteen hundreds and received its name from the "showering" of love and gifts for the mommy-to-be. The baby shower started as a tea party for only women who would share the day with the mommy-to-be and her female family members. The gifts given to the new mom were very practical in nature as well as handmade.
Parenthood baby shower theme

Parenthood theme invitation card

Gender unknown theme

Teddy Bear theme

Rubber Ducky Baby Duckie Theme

Diaper cake theme

Tiny foot theme

Unique n funny baby theme

Couples Baby Shower Theme 

Animal Theme

Traditional Theme

Nesting Bird theme

Monkeyn' Around Theme

Fisher price theme

All the best darling mothers.


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