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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Accessories That Will Make People Look At You.....

There are some accessories and other details that will make people look at you (in the good way).
    For example:
  • Cowboy hats - they are eye magnets!
  • High boots combined with a midi skirt - classic and irresistable!
  • Stay-ups - another classic.
  • Tight jeans (you knew that already)
  • PVC/vinyl clothes and shiny stuff (if you dare and if you feel comfortable with wearing those...)
  • Hair accessories, like flowers
  • Necklace with a pendant right above your cleavage.
  • Confidence and attitude (totally free and very effective ;)
Mostly other women will look at your shoes and handbag. But if you're anything like me, you love these two accessories that can add a final touch to your look. If you're into handbags, make sure you check out this site about authentic designer handbags. It also brings up how to make a purse and how to spot a fake.

Go cowgirl! Yiihaaa! :)

Oh, and have you seen those thin gloves that has no fingers on them and cover part of your forearm? I find them pretty sexy anyway and they're not in the way. Since they don't have fingers you don't have to take them off to be able to eat or do other things that require precise movement. Another advantage is that you can still wear rings along with them. There are also these cute arm warmers. Both of these come in fishnet style as well.

A cap will give you a tomboyish look if that's what you're looking for. Britney Spears uses it from time to time to add more coolness and confidence to her look.

Knitted hats go in and out of style but are still cool if you want to get a 70's look.
I wish u all the best n thank u for reading this note.

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