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Thursday, November 22, 2012



Thanksgiving is an important time for families to gather together. It's one of the most important times of the year for the family. Parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren gather around the table for a meal. It's one of the few times through the year that everyone wants to be there together. It's a time for laughter and hugs, turkey and dressing, prayer and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is also an emotionally charged time for the family. Not only is there joy, but for some there is sadness. They grieve the one who is no longer there because of death or divorce. It's a time for joy in being together, but it also may be a time to reconcile old family disputes. It's a time to see all the family, but also a time to get to know better those who have married into the family.

Gathered with family for Thanksgiving is a time to share family memories, to laugh and enjoy experiences of the past. It may be a good time to pull out the family photo album.

Gathered with family at Thanksgiving is certainly a time to share hugs and express love, appreciation and gratitude for people who have shared the years of your life. Love needs to be expressed.

Gathered with family on Thanksgiving is also a time to remember those who are no longer there. Don't fight back the tears with those you love. Share your words and your emotions. Let love embrace those who need your support.

Gathered with family at Thanksgiving is a good time to express your faith in God. Pray together at the table, not only thanking God for the food, but for one another, and the blessings of God on your family.

Make Thanksgiving a special day for your family. Capture the moment with photographs that will be cherished for years. Realize that it's a special day, because you are with the special people in your life. Let love prevail in all you do and say.

As for me today, I will pray for my family here in Zambia and Tanzania and take time to remember my late father(M.H.S.R.I.P) and also pray for all people who are in need.Dear Jesus please keep on being with us and never leave us. We bless your name ooh Lord....AMEN.



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