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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Best Parents

Five-Star is an expression used in a variety of ways. It includes a high ranking general in the army. It may refer to the best hotel available. Let's consider Five-Star Parents. They need to be recognized for being the best parents of all. Those Five-Star Parents include five characteristics in relationship with their children. These include, attention, affection, acceptance, approval and affirmation. No one area may be neglected and still be a Five-Star Parent.

Attention. Every child needs personal attention from parents. Sometime, parents may become too busy or too tired to give their children the attention that they really need. Attention gives time for activities and conversation. It makes time to be there for them at a ball game or school program. Attention given to children is like sunshine and rain to a flower garden.

Affection. Every child needs to experience love from their parents. God gives parents the opportunity to show His love for children. Those expressions of love include words and hugs. Children need not assume that their parents love them. They need a daily dose of parental love, just like they need a daily diet of good food.

Acceptance. Children have different strengths and abilities. Their personalities differ, as well as their ability to achieve. Five-Star Parents understand that their children are different. They accept them for who they are. They realize God has given all of us different talents, strengths and abilities.

Approval. Five-Star Parents understand that their children need their approval. It's a God-given instinct. Their self-esteem is at stake. Parents approve the value and worth of their children. Unfortunately, there are adults who still seek their parents approval, and have yet to receive it. To give your approval to a child is to give your blessing.

Affirmation. A parent's words of affirmation are about encouragement and positive re-enforcement. Those words reward positive action and attitudes in children. The sense of achievement in the mind of a child is strengthened within the age level of developmental tasks. A parent's words are powerful and may be remembered for a lifetime. Those words of affirmation provide children with more incentive to develop in the skills of life.

Source: Dr. Richard Trader


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