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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIVORCE ring!!!!!!

Divorce ring
According to the jeweller, the idea is for women to buy the ring for themselves at the end of their marriage and wear it on their wedding finger as a defiant ''(I Don't!)''

The DIVORCE ring is 18 ct goldplated electroformed bird skull with swarovski crystals. Due to the electroforming technique, each piece is unique.

''Mourning is not just about dead people, it is also about dead relationships and decaying marriages. Today, 42% of the marriages finish by divorce in UK and 38% in France. My divorce jewellery refers to old and contemporary wedding customs to illustrate this sort of mourning. As a French, most of these customs come from France as the Bride Globe which it is a present to the bride to put her bouquet and her crown after the wedding. All the decoration inside symbolize the union and give luck to the marriage. I use union and marriage symbols and subvert them to show the inevitability of the breakup, but also show that from these ashes may raise a new life'' Said Gisele Ganne(A french jeweller)

For more description of the devorce ring visit here

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