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Friday, July 19, 2013


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What is Obesity?
In  a lay-man’s words or simply means the excess accumalation of body fats or excess proportion  of body fats.Medically,it’s  defined  as a condition  in which excess  body fats has accumulated to an extent that it may have an adverse effect on health,leading  to an increase  in health problems or reduced  life expectancy rate .
Obesity  increase s the likelihood  of various diseases ,particular ly Heart  diseases ,Diabetes  mellitus ,Diabetes  insipidus and other ailments .
A person  is considered obese  when his or her  weight  is 20% or more than the normal body weight for his/her age and height.The most  common measure of obesity  is the Body  Mass  Index(BMI).

Some  Risk  factors  of Obesity
A risk factor is something  that  increase s the likelihood of getting  a disease or  developing  a pathologic condition.These risk factors includes:poor  diet ,age,lack of physical  exercise ,lack of adequate  rest and sleep,poor and reckless  eating habits,medical conditions,race(more  prominent  in the black race than in whites),genetic  factors, physiologic condition  like during  pregnancy.

Causes  of Obesity(aetiology)
Obesity  occurs  when  a person consumes more calories  than he or she  burns,it most times points  to eating  too much with little  or no exercise.There are other  factors  that also play  a role in obesity ,these  include :
(i)AGE –as we grow older the  body’s ability  to metabolize  food slows down.
(ii)GENETICS –Obesity tends to run in families
(iii)GENDER-Women tend to be more  overweight than Men
(v)PHYSICAL ACTIVITY –absence of this will lead to obesity
Obesity has been established  as major risk factor  for Diabetes ,Hypertension ,High blood pressure,Cardiovascular  diseases ,idiopathic (unknown  cause)intracranial  hypertension ,lower extremity venous stasis disease(this due to atherosclerosis-abnormall thickening of the blood vessels by fats),urinary stress incontinence  etc

 Prevention of Obesity
Let me not bore you anymore with my burgos  medical  terms,this right here is as simple as saying karibu,eat healthy and balanced diets,exercise  regularly and go for routine medical checks.

Treatment of Obesity
Treatment  includes a combination  of balanced and healthy Dieting ,regular  exercising ,behavioural change  and sometimes administering under the prescription  of a Doctor ,weight loss drugs and in extreme cases of obesity ,gastrointestinal  surgeries maybe recommended.

CONCLUSION,Dear rafiki yangu, eat healthy and balanced diets,exercise  regularly and go for routine medical checkup.

Source: Iniobong Ugochukwu(Chuchu)

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