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Monday, August 15, 2011

Get fabulous and kissworthy lips

If you already have full lips, you don’t need much lipstick in my opinion. Choose a color as close to your natural color as possible just to conceal chaps and even out the surface.

If you have medium to small lips, there are a few simple tricks that can make them look fuller – without botox that is! Spare yourself the pain and the frequent cost that comes with botox.

Lipstick color

Match the lipstick color with the color of your eye make-up.
 For example:

•red, pink and brown lipstick colors along with brown eyeshadow,

•purple and light purple lipstick with purple eyeshadow,

•pink or apricot lipstick with blue eyeshadow,

•pink lipstick along with green eyeshadow,

•red lipstick with red eyeshadow,

•any lipstick color with black eyeshadow.

How to get fabulous and kissworthy lips

•First of all you need a newly-sharpened lip-liner. It should be about the same color as your lipstick, maybe a just little darker. Draw a line right on the outer contour of the lip – not inside it. Some women can actually try and draw the line outside the lip contour - see if it works for you without looking unnatural.

•Put on lipstick. If you want a more discreet color, apply another,     lighter tone on top of the underlying one. I sometimes even use two lipliners on top of each other just to get exactly the color I want.

•Put some lipgloss on the center of the lower lip to get a highlight and make the lip look bigger. Just make sure the transition between the highlight and the areas around it are smoothed out so that it looks natural.

•Add some highlighter right above the upper lip.

•If your lips look too glossy, "bite off" against a piece of paper.


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