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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair coloring that will make you shine

Blondes and redheads tend to stand out a lot more than brunettes and even more than those with black hair.

If you feel that you’re not the kind of person who gets other people’s attention, it could be something with you hair. Think about it, if you had pink or green hair people would look your way almost automatically... but they probably wouldn’t think it looked good. There are other colors that catch the eye more easily than others and that look good. A great tip is to buy yourself a wig or two and try out different hair colors (and hair styles) before you decide to color your hair (or you could tint it). For instance, if you bleach, there's no turning back (or you will end up with frizzy hair).

Blonde hair draws attention more easily and goes hand in hand with the beauty ideal of today. But not all look good in blonde hair. However don’t despair, there are other colors that can really improve your looks. A guideline is to try not to choose a hair color darker than your eyebrows unless you're ready to color your eyebrows as well.

 If you have brown hair and want to stand out more, highlights or extensions could help

There are three different kinds of hair color: Hair dye, semi-permanent hair dye and permanent hair color. Since this section is dedicated to actual coloring, let's talk about that from now on and save the hair dye for the hair dying section.

Bleaching the hair

I bet Jessica Alba bleached her hair a couple of steps. She added hightlights as well. Her hair still remains soft and natural looking. Looks great
 Bleaching the hair only a few steps can actually look more natural than your regular hair color! Also, variety is the spice of life, right?

Only a few years ago you had to completely bleach your hair with strong peroxides to even get a slightly lighter hair color. Nowadays there are regular hair coloring with semi-bleaching properties that will just bleach your hair two or three nuances. They're better for the hair too - regular bleaching often made your hair frizzy but this is no different from regular hair coloring. Be sure to use the conditioner that comes with the hair coloring set.

When there's an outgrowth a tip is to use a slightly different, but still close to the color originally used, hair color to color the outgrowth and make some highlights using the same bottle on the rest of the hair while you're at it.
Remember though: Hair that has been colored can't be bleached to the same extent. Some people leave the outgrowth for a cool effect.


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