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Friday, August 30, 2013


A real African woman is a lady who is a backbone of her husband's growth...She is loving, caring, understanding, tolerant, God fearing, Faithful...A real African woman is a role model to the world at large...A real African woman is supportive, hard-working, independent, yet submissive to her husband...A real African woman only needs the husband's truthfulness, faithfulness, understanding, caring and loving heart from her husband...A real African woman might be the bread winner of the family but in the face of the world will refer to all she has as her husband's hard-work...She doesn't care if you are crippled, rich, poor, tall, or Rejected by all...A Real African 

Woman, may seem to love money more than everything in the world, but not more than her husband...A real African woman cannot trade her love for any amount or material...She is a world class example to both old n young...A Real African woman, will never bring her domestic problem to the public just because she respects and love her husband...She kneels down in tears and pain praying to God to make a positive change where there is a problem, while the world might be sleeping or going after material things out there...

She is an encouragement, a stepping stone, a beautification without resemblance...A Real African Woman has nothing like "Divorce" in her dictionary or encyclopedia... Finally, A real African will do anything to protect her loved ones, including selling her last wear for her family to eat or be educated...She will never give up...She is an epitome of Faith, Hope, and Love...And surprisengly, both Nature and God rewards her with fruitfulness and abundance in the future...

God bless the African Women, especially my Sweet mother and whoever will be my wife, in Jesus name. Amen!!

Emmanuel Stanley Ofoha(Motivational Speaker)
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