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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My dearest friends of Majoy Blog u can remember every Tuesday is special for every one to choose a song and dedicate it to his/her beloved ones.Today i choose a song TO LOVE SOMEBODY By Michael Bolton it's a special dedication to my lovely one n only him.

This song I dedicated to my fiance' Mr. Martin Nyirenda down there in Lusaka. He will always be THE ONE and ONLY for me. No matter what ... my love to him is stronger than others. I wish and pray for all who have love and respect in real love. I still believed in REAL LOVE forever.I also pray that God please grant us our wishes in the Mighty Name of Jesus.Amen

I wish u all my follower and also viewers a blessed Tuesday(Choose Day)....

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  1. ni SONG OF MY CHOICE, usiweke THE SONG, pls rekebisha hapo, wengne wasema the song of the choice, hakuna kiingeleza kama hicho

  2. Hahahahaaa asante mdau wangu kwa kunirekebisha si wajua lugha za watu hizo twadandia tu.Nimefurahia sana kuona kuwa umefatilia na kugundua makosa zangu asante sana.
    Usisite kunikosoa kwa chochote unachoona hakiko sawa.
    Uwe na wakati mzuri.

  3. Majoy Hongereni kwa kupendana


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