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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Isidingo Star publicly announces HIV status..

Thursday, 1 December 2011Isidingo Star publicly announces HIV status..

Today being the Worlds AIDS day a former Isidingo star Lesego Motsepe (known as Letti Matabane)South African actress Lesego Motsepe chose World Aids Day to publically disclose for the first time that she was living with the virus for over a decade.
She said she wanted to make a difference. “The virus lives in my blood. For 13 years I had known, and I wanted to use the opportunity God gave me to be able to be a mentor to those who will be going through the same struggles I have gone through,” the actress said.

She said she went through denial, resentment, hate, rejection and dejection from the people that she loved. Now that is what i call courage, it is very diffucult for people to come clean with their status because of the rejection they get from family,friends and relative...God bless you Lesego for the courage!!

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  1. jamani inasikitisha Mungu ampe ujasiri huo huo

  2. Yani mi siamini dah inauma pole yake na bora yeye amejijua.


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