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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Home for the Holidays

The couple had three adult children who were all married and four grandchildren. They were all coming home for the Thanksgiving Holiday to spend a week together with their parents. George and his family lived in Chicago. Pam and her family lived in Tampa. Ron and his family lived in Dallas. They didn't get to spend much time together. This would be a special time for the whole family.

Mom was anxious trying to plan how to cook. Where would everyone sleep? Her home did have five bedrooms. The children and their families were all flying home. The couple had to make sure they knew all the flight schedules. There was much more to do. The more mom thought about it, the more nervous she became. Her husband sensed her stressed and put his arms around her. She just let go in his arms. He said, "Honey, it's going to be okay. I want to help take the stress off you." She smiled and they kissed. What would she do without him? He had always been there for her.

The phone rang. It was George calling from Chicago. "Mom", he said, "we love you and can't wait to be home for the holidays, but we don't want you to worry about anything. I've talked to Pam and Ron, and we are taking care of the meals and all the arrangements." Mom said, "But George, I must cook or it just wouldn't be the same. There is so much I want to do." George quickly replied, "Mom, all of us just want to enjoy being with you and dad. We want you to enjoy the grandchildren, and please let us do this for you. You're special mom. You've already spent a lifetime doing good things for us. Just relax and enjoy being with us."

Points to Consider

Mothers are real special people. They spend their lives trying to do for their family. Let the holidays be a special time to express your love and appreciation for parents. Some of us no longer have that privilege.

Mothers often have a false sense of guilt that they should have done more for the family. A loving mother just can't do enough for her children. The holidays are a good opportunity for children to express appreciation in word and deed.

Holidays with the family is about relationships - enjoying each others company. It's a time to reconnect, celebrate the past and enjoy the moment. The family scattered has limited precious moments together. Make the most of it.

Holidays with the family is a time to express love. It's about the warmth of togetherness with those we love the most. It's time for hugs, kisses, talking with each other, and make sure the camera is ready. Pictures will be cherished for decades to come.

For a family of faith, it's a time to pray together and once again worship together. It's the time to feel the love of God through the family. Renew the bond of love with your family during the holidays.

Happy Holidays dear friends of Majoy Blog.

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